Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Golden Gobbos 2017 Gallery

We proudly present the third (sometimes) annual Golden Gobbo painting contest run by the Oldhammer Forum. Below are the submissions in all their glory and members of the forum can vote over on the Forum Voting Thread

What do you mean you aren't a member? Get over there RIGHT NOW!

C02 Illusionist:
Barakast Hell Rider

Half-Troll Chieftain

Hutk-Nke Nurgle Sorcerer




Usuthu Blue Tongue

Jolly Nurgling

Urathion Leader
C Series Chaos Beast



Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Orctober Goblinoids photo dump

Just in time for the end of Orctober I have finished the shields for my Goblinoids miniatures, completing a long-standing project at last!

Photo dump below. Thanks to clocks moving (yay British winter) it was dark so photos not the best, better ones coming when I next have a free weekend.

Just one question remains- Gloss of matt varnish for them? Opinions welcome!